If SEO was a wardrobe, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) must surely be Narnia.

Without the former, getting there would be impossible – without the latter, there would be no point setting off. Internet marketing is a multi-faceted beast worthy of any C.S Lewis novel.

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO squeezes every last drop of juice out of the visits your website receives; reducing bounce rate, whilst encouraging CTR (click through rate). Ultimately, CRO aims to increase the enquiry-to-visit ratio.

Economics vs Putting Your Foot Down

Conversion Rate Optimisation is sometimes seen as an economical alternative to direct marketing – the notion being that one, really good rep will burn fewer leads than a team of mediocre ones. Whilst this is a good point, if your team doesn’t have any weak links, the more leads, the merrier is our motto. In other words, combining Search Engine Optimisation with CRO and Direct Marketing produces a force to be reckoned with.

Content Strategy Experts

Using content strategy to encourage CTR (Click Through Rate) and, ultimately, enquiries should be a given – but it isn’t.

Web designers (bless them all) are not natural marketeers. And why should we expect them to be? Marketing is an entirely different field to design – the former relies on statistics, demographics and data analysis, the latter being more subjective, leaning heavily on the designer’s mood and the client’s preferences.

Best laid schemes of clients and designers

Annoyingly, website visitors have minds of their own and don’t always navigate around (or even remain on) the website as it’s designer or owner intended. This is where experts in Content Strategy and Conversion Rate Optimisation come in. CRO examines the potential appeal of different page layouts, content variables and navigation stimuli, all of which aims to ascertain the most productive way of presenting information, products and services to the would-be customer.

Content Strategy based Conversion Rate Optimisation will increase email and telephone enquiries, encourage Click Through Rate CTR and tempt customers to spend more at the checkout. With years of market research data at their fingertips, Vonderbrand’s Content Strategy CRO experts will make your website sticky, ensuring that visitors hang around, explore, investigate and open doors. If curiosity gets the better of them, their journey will lead, eventually, to a phone call or an email. Which is where YOU come in!

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Vonderbrand – Experts in Content Strategy & CRO Halifax.


What our clients think of CRO in Halifax

West Yorkshire companies can’t get enough of our Content Strategy Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimisation expertise…

  • Vonderbrand manage and optimise two of our websites, TBA Firefly and FireflyHoods. The former was an existing website in need of repair, the latter we commissioned Vonderbrand to build in 2014. The team are amazing to work with and bend over backwards for us. Very professional and very good at what they do!

    Viv Fisher
    TBA Textiles & Firefly Hoods
  • These guys over deliver at everything they do. Our new website Broomfield House is just amazing and, thanks to some genius SEO, we are right where we need to be on Google. I can’t sing their praises enough. Vonderbrand are consummate professionals!

    Mohamed Shaikh
    SASCO Properties
  • If you have a spare 5 mins today please take a look at The Switch Entertainment‘s new website Designed and Optimised by Vonderbrand.

    Its been great working with the team at Vonderbrand. Professional, easy to work with, cost effective and most importantly good at what they do. Its already got the phone ringing and some great bookings coming in for Christmas this year and the whole of 2016. Best of all, our Google presence has gone through the roof compared with what we had 1 month ago!

    Harry Meredith
    The Switch Entertainment
  • Another successful social media campaign – even Thorntons those fabulous chocolatiers love it!



    Chan Khangura
    Managing Director, Whitegates Huddersfield
  • Vonderbrand have proved to be our perfect partner for all our marketing/website and online activities.

    Both Gary and Darren have shown to be professional, helpful and educational plus the attitude is always positive which makes a big difference. They break all the cryptic jargon down to a simplistic level so regardless of your industry, trade or workplace you are always confident the tailoring of your website or marketing material is staying true to your original concept. The process and strategy is always detailed and explained to help ease concerns and I would seriously suggest you let these guy’s help promote and assist your business. Trust in them, let them run with it and you will be delighted.

    Steve Bennett
    KB Electrical, Halifax
  • The boys at Vonderbrand are always there when we need them. Their standard of work is very high and they are always willing to go the extra mile. Great service and very happy to recommend!

    Bev Taylor | TBA Firefly
    Bev Taylor
    Hanson Springs
  • We chose Vonderbrand because we needed a firm we could trust. Knowing of their growing reputation we felt the time was right to invite them over for a chat and soon decided that Vonderbrand were the guys for us. How right we were. The website was turned around in no time at all and looks amazing! I am looking forward to working with them again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this first rate web design agency!

    Jonathan Whitworth

Conversion Rate Optimisation Projects

Conversion Rate Optimisation success is measured by a low bounce rate and a high enquiries/sales to visits ratio. Remember, design is subjective – increased sales is not.