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Direct Marketing

Media or Channel Agnostic Marketing is form of advertising which allows businesses to target the customer directly, across a broad spectrum of media platforms whilst employing a diverse range of advertising techniques. Essentially, not placing all your eggs in only one basket.

Typically (but not always) Direct Marketing originates from a database and may involve emails, direct mail, leaflet distribution, mobile phone text messaging and/or social media promotion, and is often supported by website & print display ads, posters, plasmas and branded merchandise.

It is crucial in Channel Agnostic Marketing (particularly for budget-sensitive campaigns) that outcomes are measured meticulously. Qualitative comparisons of results from different channels allows us to mitigate unnecessary expenditure. Knowing the Cost Per Lead (CPL) and the Cost Per Deal (CPD) is what makes marketing on a shoestring possible.

A specialist Direct Marketing Agency understands campaign timing, demographic segmentation and wear out (the point at which de-sensitivity is surpassed by annoyance and the relationship with the customer is lost).

With over 20 years experience in Direct Marketing, Vonderbrand brings expertise to the party. We will work with you to achieve the most from your marketing budget.

Now is not the time for False Economy

Direct Marketing needn’t be costly, but it is an expense. DIY marketing delivers mixed results, however if your time is plentiful, it’s certainly an option, whereas hoping for the best isn’t!

Whatever you decide to do about promoting your business, DON’T hire a cable-guy to deal with your direct marketing!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again;

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.


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B2B & B2C

Our travels in the world of Direct Marketing have lead us down both paths. Like sprogs, we would never admit to favouring one over the other – both require skill and expertise to achieve a good ROI. Needless to say, experience counts.

Business-to-Business Marketing

Knowing your quarry is only half the battle. Devising a marketing campaign that will penetrate that hard, business-seasoned shell is the other half. Business men and women are often desensitised to sales patter, strap-lines and glossy marketing collateral, but even the seemingly impervious armour of a Managing Director has chinks. And we can help you find them.

Business-to-Consumer Marketing

Two words – Be Prepared!

Demographics is key when it comes to B2C campaigns, and the 7 P’s should go a long way to ensuring a worthwhile return on your hard-earned marketing coin. As always, we recommend teaming up with the experts, especially ones who live by the Be Prepared! motto!

Dyb dyb dyb.


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Exclusive or Inclusive?

Essentially, Vertical Marketing is when the manufacturer or distributor offers industry specific products or services to a single market sector or demographic. Horizontal Marketing, on the other hand, is when products or services (clothing, FMCG’s, food, etc,) are offered to a broad spectrum of customers (everyone, basically).

The former (Vertical Marketing) addresses the needs of individuals or businesses which share many common characteristics or problems and, therefore, require the same solution (in the case of businesses, they are often in direct competition with one another).

Common denominators, patterns and demographics may still be found in the latter, however sometimes you have to ask; Who doesn’t like ice cream?

Vonderbrand Direct Marketing has devised targeted, vertical campaigns for manufacturers and service providers of electronics, beer pumps, print and student accommodation.

We have also created extremely successful horizontal campaigns for clients in FMCG, Homeware and Clothing & Accessories.

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Email Marketing

Bulk email campaigns are particularly effective in the retail area and epitomise direct marketing, often resulting in extraordinary levels of sales. At Vonderbrand, we design and manage email promotions for clients in Homeware, FMCG and Clothing.

We monitor closely every campaign that we undertake and produce full reports that reveal trends and demographics, offering valuable insights which enable us to make informed calibrations to the next campaign. Reports include:

  • Successful Deliveries
  • Total number of ‘Opens’
  • Time & Date last opened
  • How many times the email was forwarded
  • Clicks per unique opens
  • Total Clicks
  • Abuse Report Percentage
  • Total number of un-subscribed
  • Industry average Clicks
  • Industry average Opens
  • Subscribers who have opened it the most

Put the management of your email marketing strategy, and indeed all of your direct marketing, in our hands and watch your sales grow.

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Direct Marketing and Copywriting go hand in hand, and we at Vonderbrand are nothing if not engaging editorialists. We output Punchy Advertisements, Keyword Dense Web Pages and Attention Grabbing Blogs on a daily basis.

We can either compose fresh, unique copy from scratch or run with your ‘notes’ and edit to perfection!

Simply tell us how you’d like your message to be conveyed, the tone you’d like to adopt and the direct marketing collateral that will carry it, and we’ll put your products, services, special offers, stories and events into words.

Whatever your aim, whether it’s winning the hearts and minds of would-be clients or securing repeat business through good Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Vonderbrand will compose the most appropriate and compelling passage for the task.

Google loves our work…

How do we know?

When it comes to successful Search Engine Optimisation, relevant content is KING! A well written blog is a particularly handy weapon to have in your SEO arsenal, so you’ll be pleased to learn we are prolific when it comes to writing pertinent content for a wide range of business sectors. We make a point of keeping the Vonderbrand index digit on the proverbial pulse, so your blogs will always be on topic.

A good SEO company needs a good wordsmith. We have two!


Experts in Direct Marketing Halifax – call Vonderbrand 01422 646064
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Covered in minute detail on our Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation is an essential part of the marketing mix, though it must be recognised that as beneficial as it is to be at the top of Google, relying solely on SEO can encourage a Dutch Auction situation, with tender process after tender process. Page 1 is, after all, a highly competitive arena!

Direct Marketing, on the other hand, is proactive. It whets the appetite, rather than waiting for hunger to emerge. Good, intelligently thought out marketing encourages would-be customers to look at your business before they reach the conscious decision to look for candidates in your arena – your competition!

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to the success of a business, but the real winners are those who combine SEO with good, intelligent, Direct Marketing.


Experts in Direct Marketing Halifax – call Vonderbrand 01422 646064
Find out what makes us tick.
  • Vonderbrand manage and optimise two of our websites, TBA Firefly and FireflyHoods. The former was an existing website in need of repair, the latter we commissioned Vonderbrand to build in 2014. The team are amazing to work with and bend over backwards for us. Very professional and very good at what they do!

    Viv Fisher
    TBA Textiles & Firefly Hoods
  • These guys over deliver at everything they do. Our new website Broomfield House is just amazing and, thanks to some genius SEO, we are right where we need to be on Google. I can’t sing their praises enough. Vonderbrand are consummate professionals!

    Mohamed Shaikh
    SASCO Properties
  • If you have a spare 5 mins today please take a look at The Switch Entertainment‘s new website Designed and Optimised by Vonderbrand.

    Its been great working with the team at Vonderbrand. Professional, easy to work with, cost effective and most importantly good at what they do. Its already got the phone ringing and some great bookings coming in for Christmas this year and the whole of 2016. Best of all, our Google presence has gone through the roof compared with what we had 1 month ago!

    Harry Meredith
    The Switch Entertainment
  • Another successful social media campaign – even Thorntons those fabulous chocolatiers love it!



    Chan Khangura
    Managing Director, Whitegates Huddersfield
  • Vonderbrand have proved to be our perfect partner for all our marketing/website and online activities.

    Both Gary and Darren have shown to be professional, helpful and educational plus the attitude is always positive which makes a big difference. They break all the cryptic jargon down to a simplistic level so regardless of your industry, trade or workplace you are always confident the tailoring of your website or marketing material is staying true to your original concept. The process and strategy is always detailed and explained to help ease concerns and I would seriously suggest you let these guy’s help promote and assist your business. Trust in them, let them run with it and you will be delighted.

    Steve Bennett
    KB Electrical, Halifax
  • The boys at Vonderbrand are always there when we need them. Their standard of work is very high and they are always willing to go the extra mile. Great service and very happy to recommend!

    Bev Taylor | TBA Firefly
    Bev Taylor
    Hanson Springs
  • We chose Vonderbrand because we needed a firm we could trust. Knowing of their growing reputation we felt the time was right to invite them over for a chat and soon decided that Vonderbrand were the guys for us. How right we were. The website was turned around in no time at all and looks amazing! I am looking forward to working with them again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this first rate web design agency!

    Jonathan Whitworth
  • I Googled ‘Search Engine Optimisation in Yorkshire’ and found Vonderbrand. After an initial meeting I commissioned them to optimise TLC and I am extremely pleased with the results! They really know their stuff and have helped boost sales in what is traditionally a quiet season for us. Highly recommended!

    Graeme Taylor
    The Linen Cupboard
  • Vonderbrand were fantastic! When I originally came to them I had no idea what was to come, they were quick and so easy to work with and they knew exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Vonderbrand to anyone. Thank you so much Guys

    Victoria Marriott
    XIV Hair
  • We are absolutely thrilled to bits with our new website. We really can’t thank Vonderbrand enough!

    The team have exceeded our expectations and have designed us a website which we are incredibly proud of! We have been so impressed with the communication and support we have received to achieve the website we wanted.

    We will definitely recommending Vonderbrand in the future.

    Thanks Again!!

    Paul Beresford
    Boothwood Kennels
  • In a word, Amazing! Vonderbrand have bolted us to page 1 of Google (if you’ll excuse the pun). Very happy with their work and have already recommended them to several business owners… Great to work with!

    Matt Hall
    Bolt & Nut Supplies

Social Media Marketing



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