How much does a website cost?

The first question over 50% of prospective customers ask – and one which is very difficult to answer. We have created websites for £250. We have also created websites for £14,500. In order to provide a quote for the design and development of a website, we need to understand YOUR requirements, both in terms of size (number of pages/products) and purpose (the response you want your new website to elicit?).

Look at it this way, if you were to ask a car dealer; “How much are cars?”. Or a kitchen maker “How much are kitchens?” they’d be hard pressed to offer an answer without, at least, gaining some understanding about your criteria.

In reality, it is often better to simply tell us your budget and requirements and allow us suggest the best way to achieve YOUR goals.

How long will it take to build?

Now that’s an easy one! We have a get-a-move-on reputation, so in most cases we can turn a website around within 3 weeks (tiny ones can be up and running in a day!).

What about content?

If we are building a website to replace your old one, we can simply transfer its content (words and images) to the corresponding pages.

If it’s a new venture or you simply want new content, you can send us the words and we’ll populate the pages or we can write the copy for you. The latter can be done in a style of your choosing and removes the burden from you. Likewise, stock images can be sourced by us, so the whole process can travel along smoothly and quickly.

What are the payment terms?

Typically, we take 50% by way of deposit, and 50% on completion.

Can I speak to some of your customers?

Of course. We have amassed a huge number of testimonials over the years and suggest you start by reading what our clients have to say about us on our Good Vibes page.

What's the next step?

Get in touch. Open the diary. Put the kettle on.

Will my website reach the top of Google?

In many cases, it will. But it must be remembered that your competition is making a similar effort to you – they too are trying to achieve pole position. Page one is a very reasonable goal, and one which will increase the volume of traffic visiting your website. And at the risk of stating the obvious – THAT’S A GOOD THING!

How much is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is usually billed for on a monthly basis. Much like a fitness regime, it is an ongoing process – stop and the results you worked so hard to achieve will slip away.

Regional search terms, when associated with specific products and services are relatively straight forward (in the hands of an expert), and therefore the monthly expenditure is likely to be minimal.

National, ‘short-tail’ terms require significantly more effort, however, the prospective audience (and opportunity to win new customers) is greater. Costs depend on the projected amount of time required each month to drive your website to achieve good organic ranking.

Do you produce reports?

Yes we do. Reporting is, in fact, the easiest part of the job (which is probably why some companies make a song-and-dance about it). At the end of the day, it’s results that count, and Vonderbrand is in a position to demonstrate the results of our labours – time and time and time again!

What's the next step?

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Will you GET my brand?

All design should begin with consultation, especially branding.

We’ll discuss style, direction, colour and iconography, whether to strap or not to strap, what the audience expects and what the competition is up to.

Never fear, we will read your mind and create a brand you’ll be proud of.

Will you produce more than one idea?

Frankly, we’re incapable of coming up with ONLY ONE IDEA.

The journey starts with an Ideas Board which will help to polarise and home-in on that which floats your boat, and that which sinks it.

The first glimpse of your future brand, albeit in a juvenile state, will be on that Ideas Board.

Will my brand work everywhere?

All good brands have contingency versions. Alternative or inverted colour-ways that can be used in different situations such as  dark or light backgrounds and transparent surfaces. Greyscale is also useful for newsprint.

We produce artwork in all major file types, so that when your print supplier, sign maker, web design team, T-Shirt printer or vehicle graphics suppliers ask for your logo in a particular format, it’s good to go!


You most certainly will! They ensure that suppliers won’t corrupt, distort or otherwise misinterpret your brand. Advertisers, printers and web designers need Brand Guidelines in order to preserve your intended corporate identity.

In the main, most graphic designers have surprisingly little experience in High Purpose Corporate Branding and fail to provide a clear set of parameters for future suppliers to follow. Brand Guidelines act as an instruction manual, outlining how a brand may (and may not) be depicted

Being a graphic designer DOES NOT make one a branding expert.

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Will marketing help my business?

Virtually all businesses benefit from marketing.

Whatever method is employed, the objective is to prompt would-be customers into action. In effect, to stimulate interest in your product or service before a prospect actually thinks to seek it out.

Isn't SEO enough?

Possibly. It varies from industry to industry, however, as great as it is to be at the top of Google, relying solely on SEO can result in tender process after tender process – page 1 is, after all, a highly competitive arena!

Marketing, on the other hand, is proactive. It whets the appetite, rather than waiting for hunger to emerge. Good, intelligently thought out marketing encourages would-be customers to look at your business exclusively!

What types of marketing do you specialise in?

Marketing is a broad church, but with over 20 years of hands-on experience in B2B and B2C arenas, we know a thing or two about image and the power of persuasion.

We are particularly good at Vertical and Direct Marketing, devising and executing campaigns which resonate with the target audience. We have also enjoyed great success in the B2C Horizontal arena, generating truly impressive financial returns for FMCG and Homeware clients.

Do you perform Social Media Marketing?

Indeed we do. We build Facebook and Twitter profiles for clients and create attention-grabbing posts.

Social Media Management is all the rage at the moment, becoming the latest ‘Cottage Industry‘ to sprout up. However, as many Halifax businesses have discovered; “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.” The point being, of course, that collecting likes without purpose or the intent to deliver a marketing campaign (or having a modicum of marketing nowse) is costly and pointless.

We apply qualitative marketing principles when creating a Social Media Campaign for clients. Attracting a relevant audience through a tiered promotion with a compelling call-to-action allows for comparable and, therefore, measurable results.

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