3 things to consider when choosing a Halifax web design agency…

Marketeers are different to ordinary web designers. Before commencing work on your website, a marketeer will ask a simple question..

What does your website have to achieve?

The answer will make very little difference to your average web designer. To a team like Vonderbrand – one with 20 years experience in Direct Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management – your answer means a lot.

Vonderbrand Web Design Halifax will create an online platform that will achieve the task set before it – whether it’s to generate new business, sell to an existing customer base or perform the function of Product Brochure for retailers. Very few Halifax web designers can match the years of marketing experience we at Vonderbrand possess.

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There are a number of Web Design agencies in Halifax, but you should try to ensure your short-list only contains candidates where the actual owners meet with you in person to discuss your website project.

Most of our clients have a vested interest in the company they represent, in that they are usually MD’s or Proprietors. As such, they care about the outcome of a job. They have a conscience and do everything in their power to ensure that their clients are looked after. We are the same – the Directors of Vonderbrand are hands-on and conscientious. This is not true of all web design firms in Halifax.

So, are you talking to the Organ Grinder?

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This is crucial. Choose an unreliable firm and one thing is sure – you will regret it. Check out a web design company’s history and speak to as many of their customers as you want to. Good web designers come with good references – so dig.

Do they have a history of taking OVER A YEAR to finish a website? We know of one very local firm with a truly appalling record for service.We have collated a file containing 44 cases of negligence and failure to meet the brief or deadline – yes, FORTY FOUR. Our advice, don’t be number 45.

Experts in Web Design Halifax – 01422 646064


Check out the picture on the left. It’s just a phone. Not the ubiquitous image of every-single-Apple-device-known-to-man, that so many inside-the-box web design Halifax firms are fond of. Nope. It’s just a phone.

There is no point boasting that our websites can be viewed on PC’s, Macs, Lappy’s and Tablets… OF COURSE THEY CAN! These days, responsive website design is the norm and should hardly need mentioning.

That said, the question everyone asks is, Will my website look good on a phone? If we design it, the answer is a resounding YES!

Marketing & Web Design Halifax

Vonderbrand carries out market research for dozens of industries, including our own. We could bore you with stats which highlight the increasing number of mobile phone browsers in your marketplace, but then you are a mobile phone user, you already get that your website needs to be responsive.

Vonderbrand websites can be seen on all of the digital clobber that’s out there – including the most important one (see left).

  • PC’s? Yep
  • MacBooks? Yep
  • Tablets? Yep
  • What, in portrait too? Obvs!
  • Notebooks? Yep (not paper ones)
  • My precious iPhone? Absolutely!
  • Even Androids? We suppose so.
  • On telly? If you must.

eCommerce, Booking Platform or Brochure Website?

Web design Halifax – our experts will ensure your new website is fit for purpose.

E-commerce Web Design Halifax

Why limit your sales to just Halifax? We design websites that encourage sales, promote products, cross-sell and help you manage stock. Do you need a shopkeeper website?

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Reservation Web Design Halifax

Would you like your customers to reserve a table, book a room, hire a car or schedule an appointment online? We design websites that can manage your reservations and even integrate with your current booking software.

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Brochure Website Design Halifax

Also known as Who-We-Are-What-We-Do websites, they act as front of house for your business, ensuring a good first impression is received by would-be customers. Have them at “Hello” with stunning web design by Vonderbrand.

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Thoroughbred Halifax Web Designers?

What it’s like to work with Vonderbrand (from the horse’s mouth)

The point here is not that our web design experts make great websites, but that we are great to work with. Web design is subjective – everyone we have worked for loves the website design we have done for them. Our job is to build the perfect website YOU. One that you and your customers like. Our web design experts will do precisely that!

These testimonials are from the horse’s mouth and highlight the positive experience our clients are met with when they chose Vonderbrand to design their website. We have oodles of references like these, from clients in Halifax and across West Yorkshire. Ask around and you’ll find that, whether it’s web design Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford or Leeds, all of our fellow Yorkshire business owners agree, we are great to work with.

  • Vonderbrand manage and optimise two of our websites, TBA Firefly and FireflyHoods. The former was an existing website in need of repair, the latter we commissioned Vonderbrand to build in 2014. The team are amazing to work with and bend over backwards for us. Very professional and very good at what they do!

    Viv Fisher
    TBA Textiles & Firefly Hoods
  • These guys over deliver at everything they do. Our new website Broomfield House is just amazing and, thanks to some genius SEO, we are right where we need to be on Google. I can’t sing their praises enough. Vonderbrand are consummate professionals!

    Mohamed Shaikh
    SASCO Properties
  • If you have a spare 5 mins today please take a look at The Switch Entertainment‘s new website Designed and Optimised by Vonderbrand.

    Its been great working with the team at Vonderbrand. Professional, easy to work with, cost effective and most importantly good at what they do. Its already got the phone ringing and some great bookings coming in for Christmas this year and the whole of 2016. Best of all, our Google presence has gone through the roof compared with what we had 1 month ago!

    Harry Meredith
    The Switch Entertainment
  • Another successful social media campaign – even Thorntons those fabulous chocolatiers love it!



    Chan Khangura
    Managing Director, Whitegates Huddersfield
  • Vonderbrand have proved to be our perfect partner for all our marketing/website and online activities.

    Both Gary and Darren have shown to be professional, helpful and educational plus the attitude is always positive which makes a big difference. They break all the cryptic jargon down to a simplistic level so regardless of your industry, trade or workplace you are always confident the tailoring of your website or marketing material is staying true to your original concept. The process and strategy is always detailed and explained to help ease concerns and I would seriously suggest you let these guy’s help promote and assist your business. Trust in them, let them run with it and you will be delighted.

    Steve Bennett
    KB Electrical, Halifax

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